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Our Lady Of Lourdes – 11th Apparition

Eleventh Apparition Of Our Lady Of Lourdes

Sunday 28 February 1858

Bernadette arrived at the Grotto just before seven o’clock, together with her Aunt Lucille. In one hand she carried her ever-present Rosary, in the other, her blessed candle. Monsieur Estrade estimated there to be approximately two thousand on-lookers at the Grotto that morning. The crowd was densely packed, so that during the vision, it proved difficult for Bernadette to move while performing her normal penances at the command of the Lady. Before she could move under the niche on her knees, the gendarmes present had to push back the crowd a little. This was by no means easy. Several times the little one moved forward to the rock and back again, each time on her knees, each time kissing the ground at intervals. Her face and lips were mud-stained. But today no-one laughed at her. The messages she received were of a personal nature and were not related to the assembled people. Her privacy in such instances was respected. The large numbers present had caused the ground to become muddy and down-trodden. Only a few of the wild plants remained untrodden. Also, the constant coming and going had caused the water from the spring to run in several little streams towards the Gave. On this day, local workmen decided to dig a trough in which the water could collect. After the vision, Bernadette and Lucille left the Grotto and went directly to Mass in the parish Church.

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