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The Church’s teaching on artificial contraception is only one part of its understanding of human sexuality. This teaching sees sexuality as both a wonderful gift and an awesome responsibility, a precious part of God’s plan that has potential for great abuse.Because sexual intercourse is designed to unite two people in an act of vulnerability and […]
In recent years, a new dimension has been added to the Catholic Church’s pro-life teaching. It is an analysis of the meaning of authentic or Christian freedom, as opposed to the false but seductive freedom promoted by advocates of legal abortion. Pope John Paul II’s encyclical The Gospel of Life addresses this in three major […]
From the bulletins that welcome “all families” to the dating advice geared toward teens, all organized religions seem to struggle sometimes with making single adults feel at home. But between the widowed, divorced and the never-married, singles make up nearly one-half of the adult population. Churches ignore this population at their own peril!Single people bring […]
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