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The word “catholic” means universal. Jesus created one universal church for all of mankind. The Catholic Church was established by Jesus with his words spoken in Matthew 16. Jesus asked his disciples “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” The disciples then offered various answers – “Some say John the Baptist, others […]

According to the Method of St. Francis of Assisi For Roman Catholics throughout the world, the Stations of the Cross are synonymous with Lent, Holy Week and, especially, Good Friday. This devotion is

Local Catholic Links    Links To Catholic Diocese Each Holy Saturday, the Catholic Church in the United States receives tens of thousands of men and women in the Church. Parishes welcome these new m

Prayer is a powerful spiritual experience. It heals us, changes our hearts, and strengthens our faith. Below are some common prayers used for various situations and to honor. Acts of Advent Angels Basic Biblical Blessings Career Christmas Communion Confession Consolation Danger Devotion Dying Easter Evening Faith Family Guardian Angel Healing Holiday Holiness Holy Spirit Home […]

The Roman Catholic Mass is filled with rituals and items which even many Catholics forget along the way. But the true beauty of the Mass is seen when you break it down into it’s components and expla

c. 33: First Christian Pentecost; descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples; preaching of St. Peter in Jerusalem; conversion, baptism and aggregation of some 3,000 persons to the first Christian c

Research The Catechism The Catechism of the Catholic Church represents the main core of the teachings of the Church. Below is an index to allow you to research different terms of interest found in the Catechism. Following each term are the section numbers where the subject is covered. We hope to be providing additional links […]
Living together before marriage is certainly becoming more popular: the U.S. Census shows a 164 percent increase in unmarried partners since 1980. But as cohabitation becomes more popular, its negative effects – especially on women – are becoming more apparent. Consider the following findings that research on cohabitation has discovered:•Women who cohabit have a lower […]
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