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Why Catholics Are The Way We Are

Scripture References To The Catholic Faith

With the onslaught of the Protestant Reformation about 400 years ago, much of the history of the Church was lost. With the propagation of “Sola Scriptura”, each individual was left to interpret the Bible and to come to their own conclusions. The result was the fragmentation of the Protestant movement into over 33,000 denominations. Fundamentalism focuses solely on the literal word of the Bible. In many cases, the “truth” is lost. The Catholic Faith is, and always has been for the last 2000 years, the best representation of the Church as established by Jesus. To understand the Catholic Church, fundamentalist might look to the Bible to understand the structure of the Church and why we do some of the things the way we do. Those of the Catholic Faith understand that the Bible is only the starting point in a journey in faith, but the Bible clearly shows us the way Jesus intended this to be.

Freedom is a powerful gift from God. How we exercise that freedom determines not only what happens to us during this lifetime, but also after we die. Sometimes arrogance can set in and we think we have the answers. Sometimes our God given freedom can lead us to ruin if we do not also couple this with wisdom. Look at the United States today, the “one nation under God”. Greed, lust, selfishness, and other sin is rampant. But we, as a nation, continue to pursue our ruinous path. Every great empire that has strayed from God has fallen – so will the United States. Can we in our arrogance not see that without God we cannot survive? I pray often that we will see the truth of Christ, the truth of the Church, the truth – period. Do you exercise your freedom to the point where you are free from God?

Apostolic Succession – The Church Continues

Church Authority And Papal Infallibility

Church Doctrine And Teachings

Free Will And Predestination

Salvation By Faith Alone Not Assured

Scripture Alone – Sola Scriptura

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