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Why do so many Catholics seem passive about their faith?

It sounds as though you are speaking from a true desire to live out your faith in an active and committed manner. Bravo!

It is difficult, and ultimately futile, to try to judge another person’s faith life merely by looking at outward expressions. Perhaps behind that outward passivity of the person next to you in the pew lies a rich and powerful faith. Since we’ll never know, it seems better to concentrate on our own belief.

Do you feel you’re doing everything you can to live out your faith, both at weekly Mass and in your daily life? Are your actions and beliefs ever at odds? How can you better follow Jesus and his commandments? As you examine and change your own actions, maybe you’ll end up inspiring that seemingly passive person to live out his or her faith more fully. At the very least you’ll have the satisfaction of changing the things you can.
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