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Mass – Introductory Rites

This whole Rite is designed to bring people into a state of prayer and humility centering on Christ’s grace given freely for our salvation and our reconciliation as sinners. “Christ died so we might live”.

A). Upon entering the sanctuary we dip our fingers in a font containing Holy Water which is to first remind us of our baptism and secondly to show reverence for the house of the Lord and to bring us into a sense of worship. Catholic’s will also kneel upon the right leg before sitting, looking at the crucifix and making the sign of the cross-remembering Christ crucifixion. Before the service begins, many will kneel in prayer reflecting upon our sins and our need for forgiveness.

B). We begin with a hymn or psalm as the ministers and Priest enters, they approach the altar and kiss it in reverence of the sacrifice Christ paid for our salvation. The entire procession is a means of focusing and calling the people to prayer. We have a sense of being gathered before the altar to begin the celebration.

C). The presider leads the people in the sign of the cross.

D). The greeting follows as the presider proclaims the Lord’s presence in the community. The people respond, acknowledging the presence of Christ that created community. All Christian worship celebrates Jesus’ conquest of sin and death, reconciling us to God. This also includes our confession of sin.

E). The Gloria: A hymn of praise is generally said, (excluding Advent and Lent which its absence expresses the penitential dimension of these seasons).

F). The Opening Prayer: concludes the Introductory Rites. This entire Rite has been a call to prayer and silence is then given for you to pray to the Lord followed by the celebrant gathering up the prayers in a summation, bring it to the Lord.

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