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Opulence And Poverty

The population of the world – 6.2 billion

Number of people that live on less than $1 a day – 1.2 billion

Number of people chronically malnourished – 800 million

People without proper sanitation – 2.4 billion

Number of people living with HIV AIDS – 40 million

Cost of providing each person adequate education, safe water, and health care in the least developed countries – $35

Average annual spending on health care in these countries per person – $13

Of the worlds 568 major natural disasters, the number that happen in underdeveloped countries – 94%

Amount of per person waste yearly in the USA – 1,587 lbs

Average spending by the automobile industry –$24 billion

Money spent on soft drinks yearly – $5 billion

Number of plant and animal species discovered annually – 15,000

Number of species rendered extinct last year – 27,000

Estimated total living languages – 6,809

Most widely spoken language: Mandarin – 1.1 billion

English ranks 4th in spoken languages – 514 million

Denominations within Christianity – 33,830

Highest price paid for a painting – A Van Gogh – $82.5 million

The number of people that possess 59% of the world’s wealth – 6 (Americans)

The wealthiest religious denomination in the US – Catholics

The percentage of people that do not have a will – 70%

The amount given to charity in wills last year – $10 billion

The number of children in USA that die through abortion each year – 1.5 million

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