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Where should I begin to deal with the effects of my abortion?

Healing spiritually from an abortion takes time, but with God’s love and the help of people trained in post-abortion counseling, you can find the forgiveness you seek.

One excellent place to start is with Project Rachel, the Catholic Church’s post-abortion outreach. They can give you the names of compassionate priests and counselors in your area who are trained to help women and men dealing with the trauma of abortion. When the time is right, the priest will hear your confession, which is an important and meaningful step in your healing. You can contact Project Rachel at 1-800- 5WECARE, email them at, or learn more at their Web site,

You might also find it helpful to grieve your baby and your loss. Have you named your child yet? Try talking or writing to your child, letting it know of your regret and sadness. If you can, try to share your grief with your partner, although be aware that the two of you may have very different feelings about what happened. You might also consider making a memorial to your child.

Self-forgiveness can be difficult.. You might ask yourself if your sin can be greater than God’s mercy. Remember that Jesus even forgave those who crucified him. That’s mercy!

Please also follow the links to the Once Catholic conversation corner on abortion/post-abortion healing. There you will find others in the same situation as you, and companions who listen to them without judging. Know that you are not alone, and also know that God loves you.
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