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Why doesn’t the Church have more holy people?

Sometimes it’s easy to blame somebody else in the Church for not acting the way you want the Church to be. It’s harder – but ultimately better, for the Church and for us – if we concentrate on doing everything we can to be as holy as possible ourselves.

Concentrating on our own actions keeps us humble—and you can’t become holy until you humbly accept humanity. We come to see how weak we are, and how much we need God’s grace and each other. So, rather than emphasizing a lack of holiness in others, perhaps we should acknowledge our own shortcomings and do everything we can to let holiness take root in ourselves.

One of the great things about Vatican Council II is that it calls everyone—not just priests and nuns—to holiness.Yes, you could say this is a troubled time in the Church, with dissent and problems everywhere. But it’s often the difficult times that bring out holiness in people. So perhaps all the trouble we see is actually a moment of grace!
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