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SECTION I: THE ORDINARY CONTENTIOUS TRIAL TITLE I: THE INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE CHAPTER I : THE PETITION INTRODUCING THE SUIT Can. 1501 A judge cannot investigate any case unless a plea, drawn up in accordance with canon law, is submitted either by a person whose interest is involved, or by the promoter of justice. […]
TITLE I: THE PUNISHMENT OF OFFENCES IN GENERAL Can. 1311 The Church has its own inherent right to constrain with penal sanctions Christ's faithful who commit offences. Can. 1312 ง1 The penal sanctions in the Church are: 1ฐ medicinal penalties or censures, which are listed in canon. 1331ญ1333; 2ฐ expiatory penalties, mentioned in Can. 1336; […]
TITLE VIII: POWER OF GOVERNANCE Can. 129 §1 Those who are in sacred orders are, in accordance with the provisions of law, capable of the power of governance, which belongs to the Church by divine institution. This power is also called the power of jurisdiction. §2 Lay members of Christ's faithful can cooperate in the […]
TITLE VII: JURIDICAL ACTSCan. 124 §1 For the validity of a juridical act, it is required that it be performed by a person who is legally capable, and it must contain those elements which constitute the essence of the act, as well as the formalities and requirements which the law prescribes for the validity of […]
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