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PART III : SACRED PLACES AND TIMES TITLE I: SACRED PLACES Can. 1205 Sacred places are those which are assigned to divine worship or to the burial of the faithful by the dedication or blessing which the liturgical books prescribe for this purpose. Can. 1206 The dedication of a place belongs to the diocesan Bishop […]

Can. 1 The canons of this Code concern only the Latin Church. Can. 2 For the most part the Code does not determine the rites to be observed in the celebration of liturgical actions. Accordingly, litur

by John O’Connell Families form the foundation of human society. But marriage is the cornerstone of the family. And in God’s Providence, the Sacrament of Marriage is indispensable to the continued growth of the Church. Most Catholics marry, but too few understand that marriage is a sacrament to be lived. For those spouses who are […]
by Edward Peters If I heard it once as a tribunal judge, I heard it a thousand times in marriage nullity cases: “How could I have been so blind?” All right, maybe a thousand times is an exaggeration, but I’m sure I (and other tribunal judges) heard it plenty of times, this heart-breaking question, not […]
Abortion is literally a life and death issue. How can we as a society not see that? We sometimes get caught up in the politics of the issue and forget that it involves the destruction of human life. We get so caught up in winning our debate points over an opponent on the other side […]
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