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Although the answer depends on the specifics of your situation, if you are Catholic or plan to marry in a Catholic church, you likely will need to have your first marriage declared null. Depending on where you were married and whether you and/or your ex-spouse were baptized, the matter might be resolved rather simply, or […]

First Council Of Nicaea – 325 First Council of Constantinople – 381 The Council Of Ephesus – 431 The Council of Chalcedon – 451 Second Council of Constantinople – 553 Thi

It is frequently asked whether non-Catholics can receive Communion at a Catholic Mass. Quite often this comes up in the context of family events – weddings, baptisms, funerals – situations which put a great deal of pressure on families and Eucharistic ministers, Ordinary and Extraordinary, to allow it. As a result it happens quite frequently that […]
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