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Billy Graham a Catholic?!

I’ve heard that Billy Graham converted to Catholicism before he died, and I hope it’s true. I predict that more and more evangelicals and protestant leaders will return to the Catholic Church or convert to it. Why? Because it’s becoming very fashionable to read the Early Church Fathers, and once you do that, you are on your way to Rome. It is also becomiing more fashionable for protestants to wear crosses, something that they used to ridicule Catholics for doing. I think modern day protestants realize that icons are just that, reminders of our faith and advertisements of our faith to others. Protestants now have their fish on their bumper stickers and their religious crosses and prayer bracelets as well as their black velvet paintings of Jesus. When you consider that these things used to be considered a no no for Prostestants, it’s truly amazing. I invite you to visit a Catholic church, go to mass, talk to a priest. You will find that the beauty of the mass is such an incredible way to worship. Nothing can compare to the Eurcharist. Anyone who considers himself a charismatic or an evangelical should have no problem with the mystery of the body and blood of Christ. If you want to really worship on bended knee and follow the teachings of Jesus, go to a Catholic church. But begin by reading the Early Church Fathers and watching The Journey Home on ewtn.

Our response – Hi. Thanks for writing. First, Billy Graham is still alive, and he’s definitely not Catholic. Your predictions regarding people converting to Catholicism are actually true to an extent. We’ve heard from some of them. However, the opposite is also true. We know MANY Christians who used to be Catholic until they realized that it has very little resemblance to the church Christ founded. Part of the reason for this exodus from Catholicism is due to a study of the writings of the early church fathers. There are some, often quoted by the Catholic Church, that are known for unscriptural teachings. There are many more though, who the Catholic Church does not quote. It would be embarrassing for them to do so, as it would only highlight how far the RCC has departed from its roots. The main reason for this, we’ve found, is that when Catholics truly study the Word of God, it’s evident how heretical many Roman Catholic doctrines and rites are. The Holy Spirit leads them to truth. The Bible is the only infallible guide, as it was divinely inspired. We don’t need to attend a mass to know how unbiblical many RCC doctrines are. Therefore, you will not likely find us at mass. You’ll find us worshiping our risen Savior without a “priest” (which the book of Hebrews states is no longer an active office outside of the priesthood of Jesus Christ and all believers). You’ll find us taking communion, knowing that the sacraments are a symbol – not literal flesh and blood. I would encourage you to do some reading as well. However, I encourage you to read the only divinely inspired work – the Word of God. Check out the book of Hebrews, then the rest of the New Testament.

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