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Index of Saints – K

Index To Saints

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Below is an alphabetical listing Saints whose feasts are celebrated in the Roman Catholic Liturgical Cycle and Patron Saints. There is a brief description describing each Saint and they are listed in alphabetical order.

 St. Andrew Kim of TaegõnFeast: September 20th (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: Unknown — Died: 1846 — Canonized: 1984 Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other:

St. Kim was the first native priest of Korea. His feast day is celebrated along with St. Paul Chõng. Along with these two saints this day honors another 101 Koreans, clergy and lay, young and old that were martyred between 1839 and 1867 in Korea.

 St. Maximillian KolbeFeast: August 14th (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: 1894 — Died: 1941 — Canonized: 1982 Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: St. Maximillian was martyred in 1941 A.D. at Auschwitz by lethal injections. He was born near Lodz, Poland. St. Maximillian founded the Militia of Mary Immaculate, was a missionary in Japan, and offered his life in exchange for the father of family.

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