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Below is an alphabetical listing Saints whose feasts are celebrated in the Roman Catholic Liturgical Cycle and Patron Saints. There is a brief description describing each Saint and they are listed in alphabetical order.

St. Gregory Nazianzen  Feast: January 2 (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: 330 — Died: 389 — Canonized: Unknown
Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: doctor of the Church
St. Gregory was born in 330 A.D. He was ordained a priest and bishop while in the Basilian monastery. St. Gregory was elected bishop of Constantinople in 381 A.D. He was called the “the theologus” (The Theologian) because of his profound knowledge of scripture, outstanding teaching and eloquence, and many pious works. He died in 389 A.D.

 St. Nereus  Feast: May 12th (Optional Memorial)

Born: Unknown — Died: 304 — Canonized: Unknown
Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other:
St. Nereus was a Roman Soldier until his conversion to Christianity. Believed to have been martyred by being burned or beheaded in the First Century. The little we know basically comes from what Pope St. Damasus placed on his tomb.

St. Philip Neri  Feast: May 26th (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: 1515 — Died: 1595 — Canonized: 1622
Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other:
He was born in Florence, Italy and moved to Rome where he began to work with young men among who he fostered Christian life. St. Philip Neri was ordained to the priesthood in 1551 and founded “The Congregation of Priests of the Oratory”. He died in Rome and is the Patron Saint of Rome.

St. John Neuman – Feast: January 5th (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: 1811 — Died: 1860 — Canonized: 1977
Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other:
St. John Neuman died in 1860 A.D. He was a missionary from Bohemia who became bishop of Philadelphia in 1852. He was known for his holiness and learning; promoter of parochial schools. St. John Neuman authored two German Catechisms. In 1977 he became the first American bishop to be canonized.

St. Nicholas  Feast: December 6th (Optional Memorial)

Born: Unknown — Died: 350 — Canonized: Unknown
Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other:
St. Nicholas was bishop of Myra in Lycia which is now part of Turkey. He was known for his charity, especially towards children. St. Nicholas popularized Santa Claus. He died in the fourth century. St. Nicholas is the Patron Saint of Bakers, Brewers, Brides, Captives, Children, Coopers, Greece, Lorraine, Mariners, Merchants, Pawnbrokers, Russia, Sailors, and Sicily.

St. Norbert – Feast: June 6th (Optional Memorial)

Born: 1080 — Died: 1134 — Canonized: 1582
Roman Calendar: Yes (1621) — Roman Canon: No — Other:
St. Norbert was born to a noble family in Lorriane. He led the good life until a brush with death during a thunderstorm. St. Norbert was the founder of the Permonstratensians known as the Norberines. He died in Magdeburg and was canonized by Pope Gregory XIII. St. Norberts relics have been in an abbey in Strahov, Bohemia since 1627.

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