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Below is an alphabetical listing Saints whose feasts are celebrated in the Roman Catholic Liturgical Cycle and Patron Saints. There is a brief description describing each Saint and they are listed in alphabetical order.

 St. Scholastica Feast: February 10th (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: 480 — Died: 547 — Canonized: Unknown Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: Little is known about her except that she was a virgin and religious foundress. It is estimated that she died between 543 & 547 A.D. She was the sister of St. Benedict. St. Gregory wrote in his dialogues that “She could do more because she loved more.” St. Scholastica is known as the Patroness for Children who have Convulsions.

 St. SebastianFeast: January 20th (Optional Memorial)

Born: Unknown — Died: 288 — Canonized: Unknown Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: St. Sebastian was originally from Milan. He traveled to Rome where the persecutions under the emperor Diocletian were taking place. St. Sebastian was martyred in 288 A.D. He is buried along the Appian way Ad Catacumbas. St. Sebastian is the Patron Saint of Archers, Armorers, Athletes, Ironmongers, and Soldiers.

 Blessed Juníper SerraFeast: July 1st (Optional Memorial)

Born: 1713 — Died: 1784 — Beatified: 1988 Roman Calendar: Yes (1988) — Roman Canon: No — Other: He came to the United States in 1750. Blessed Junipero established 9 missions in California. He baptized over 6,000 native people. Pope John Paul II called him “an exemplary model of a selfless evangelizer.” Blessed Junipero was originally from Majorca Spain and his considered one of the builders of California.

 Seven Founders of the Order of Servites Feast: February 17th (Optional Memorial)

Born: 1245 — Died: 1310 — Canonized: 1888 Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: The Services were founded by 7 Cloth Merchants from Florence Italy in 1223 A.D. They popularized devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. Today they are know as the Order of Friar Servants of Mary.

 St. Elizabeth Ann SetonFeast: January 4th (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: 1774 — Died: 1821 — Canonized: 1975 Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: St. Elizabeth was born Elizabeth Ann Bayley in New York City. She was well educated and always showed unusual care for the poor. She was married in 1794 to William Seton, with whom she had five children. After his death from illness while they were Italy she returned to this country ready to convert to Catholicism. Under the guidance of the Suplicians she founded a school for girls in Baltimore, MD. St. Elizabeth later moved the order she founded to Emittsburg, MD. She is most known for having laid the foundation for what is now the parochial school system in this country.

 St. SimonFeast: October 28th (Feast)

Born: Unknown — Died: Unknown — Canonized: Unknown Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: Yes — Other: Apostle St. Simon usually appears 11th in the list of Apostles. He has been surnamed “The Cananite” and “The Zealot”. The Zealots were an anti-Roman party. St. Simon probably preached in Egypt and Persia. St. Simon is mentioned in the Roman Canon. He was martyred in the 1st century.

 St. Sixtus II and his companions – Feast: August 7 (Optional Memorial)

Born: Unknown — Died: 258 — Canonized: Unknown Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: Yes — Other: St. Sixtus II was ordained Bishop of the Church of Rome in 257 A.D. The following year he was celebrating Mass at the cemetery where Saint Callistus was buried. He was arrested by soldiers carrying out an edict of Emperor Valerian. St. Sixtus was executed along with the four deacons that were with him on that same day. Two of the deacons were Felicissimus and Agapitus. St. Sixtus is named in the Roman Canon.

 St. StanislausFeast: April 11th (Obligatory Memorial)

Born: 1030 — Died: 1079 — Canonized: 1253 Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: Stanislaus Szczepanowski was born on July 26, 1030 A.D. He was made Bishop of Cracow in 1072 A.D. He excommunicated King Boleslaus II for not repenting of the sin he had committed by taking a wife of a nobleman to his palace and holding her captive. Boleslaus personally killed St. Stanislaus in 1079 A.D. because his guards claimed they could not because of a light from Heaven. He is the Patron Saint of Poland.

 St. StephenFeast: December 26th (Feast)

Born: Unknown — Died: Unknown — Canonized: Unknown Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: Yes — Other: St. Stephen is one of seven deacons mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles and was the first martyr. He was stoned to death by followers of Saul for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is the account from the Acts of the Apostles 7:59-60.

As they were stoning Stephen, he called out, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” Then he fell to his knees and cried out in a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them”; and when he said this, he fell asleep.

St. Stephen is mentioned in the Roman Canon. He is the Patron Saint of Bricklayers and Stone Masons.

 St. Stephen of Hungary Feast: August 16th (Optional Memorial)

Born: 969 — Died: 1038 — Canonized: 1083 Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: St. Stephen was the first Christian king of Hungary and received his crown from Pope Sylvester II in 1000 A.D. He founded many dioceses. St. Stephen was a just, peaceful, and pious ruler always observing the rules of the Church. He declared Our Lady patroness of Hungary. St. Stephen died 1038 A.D.

 St. SylvesterFeast: December 31st (Optional Memorial)

Born: Unknown — Died: 335 — Canonized: Unknown Roman Calendar: Yes — Roman Canon: No — Other: St. Sylvester was one of the first non-martyrs honored as a saint. He served as bishop of Rome from 314 A.D. to 335 A.D. He played an active part in the fight against the Arian Heresy and the Donatist schism. St. Sylvester was an integral part of the negotiations at the first Ecumenical Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. He died in 335 A.D. and is buried in the cemetery of Priscilla on the Salarian Way.

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